Call for Paper – Ulster University, Northern Ireland

17th European Conference on Knowledge Management – Call for Papers
1 – 2nd September 2016, Ulster University, Northern Ireland, UK


Submissions are especially welcome for the mini-track:

Mini Track Call for Papers on Web 2.0 Models, Methods and Tools in Knowledge Management

Web 2.0 tools facilitate knowledge activities such as acquiring, creating, organizing, sharing and saving knowledge. In addition to social media, conceptual models (e.g. collaboration models) as well as technological (e.g. KM API standards) or practical methods (e.g. barcamps) adhering to the Web 2.0 principles are important when seeking to raise a company’s visibility, communication, collaboration and further education. This Mini-Track seeks research looking at Web 2.0 models, methods and tools in Knowledge Management in order to support companies in succeeding in the digital era. Contributions to measurement methods, which specifically assess the success rates of Web 2.0 models, methods and tools with respect to knowledge activities are also welcome.


Suggested topics include but are not limited to:

  • Web 2.0 and its principles
  • Social Media/Social Software/Social Computing
  • Enterprise 2.0
  • Social Knowledge Management
  • Generation Y/Millennials/Digital Natives
  • Evaluation of Web 2.0 Models, Methods and Tools


Abstract submission is due 26th February 2016.

Please find more information on submission in the attached file or on


For questions regarding the topic of the mini track please contact Robert Gutounig (robert.gutounig@fh-joanneum.at) or Sebastian Dennerlein (sdennerlein@know-center.at).


Forwarding the call in your networks is highly welcome too!