Inaugural English-language KM Meet-up in Berlin

Text: Stephanie Barnes

On Wednesday, September 28, 2016 the first meeting of the Berlin KM Meet-up group was held, this group is supported and sponsored by the GfWM and is organized by Stephanie Barnes (this is the special track that was announced on September 17, 2016). The first meeting was held at the Moabiter Markthalle, but future meetings will be held in other locations around the city, depending on the activities that are taking place within the group.

There were nine attendees at the first meeting, a good time was had by all. We got to meet and talk with new people, and learn about how others define knowledge management and the impact that has on the organizations we work with. We also talked about our expectations for the group and agreed that quarterly meetings would be good. We expect to have presentations with discussions after, but also evenings like we had on the 28th, where we come together and discuss a topic, share experience and insights, and generally get to know each other better.

The meetings will be open to anyone interested, and are not restricted to people who define themselves as “KM practitioners”. As we confirmed at our discussion on Wednesday evening, KM means lots of things to lots of people, and some people don’t necessarily see what they do to be knowledge management. What we all have in common is a desire to learn and to share and move our organizations forward to provide benefits for all stakeholders.

If you have ideas for a meeting (topic, presentation, case study, location, etc.) or have any questions you can check out the meetup site or contact Stephanie Barnes.

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